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With manufacturing facilities in India and China we bring to your doorstep products at the most competitive prices. Our international team of engineers can help offer the best in design and value engineering. We help transform your dream products from the drawing board to prototyping and continuous production runs in optical time and costs.

Our production and quality control is managed by engineers with years of practical experience to ensure the best product reaches your door step.  Our manufacturing includes casting, forging and machining of several alloys of

  • Copper including Silicon / Aluminum Bronze and Beryllium Copper
  • All alloys of Aluminum, Zinc alloys and
  • Stainless Steel.

Our manufacturing of plastics include injection and blow molding.

Our services include serving the power generator manufacturers and the range of our supply including machined generator rotor forgings, slot troughs, retainer rings, insulated and Silver bearing Copper and insulation tapes. For the transformer manufacturing industries, we offer paper insulated Copper and metal stampings.

Our mission is to win your confidence and to offer our best services.

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